Hi Friends,

VUK started as a conversation between my sister and me about our frustration with the lack of sustainable swimwear options in Toronto. After many iterations, we decided on “VUK” as a play on our last name Vukovic and it’s Serbian translation to “wolf”. Like many, I was always looking for the “right” time to start something of my own. I graduated in 2015, with a degree in Fashion Design from Ryerson University and landed my first job. My position mainly consisted of pattern drafting, grading, and sewing figure skating costumes. Over time I developed a good understanding of stretch fabrics which has given me the confidence to start my own swimwear line.

Over the years, I have really grown passionate about sustainability. After realizing that the fashion industry is the second-largest polluter in the world, I knew that when I finally decided to take the leap that sustainability would be at the core of my business model.

Growing up in Toronto from a very young age, I have always considered myself a city kid. VUK is targeting the urban lifestyle, the one where those hot summer pool days turn into city nights. We want our swimwear to reflect those lifestyles that love swimming and travel but haven’t grown up on the beachside.

My dream is to one day be able to live in a world without fast fashion, without compromising fashion itself. My mission at VUK is to provide timeless and effortless pieces that will last you many seasons, by ensuring high quality through sustainable and ethical practices.


Sandra Vukovic